Services Available For Existing Structures
Condition Survey Of Structures

Condition survey of the structure is the first step in any restoration process. The onsite condition survey allows the engineer to obtain information on the condition of items observed and relate the conditions to the owner as well as start the discussion of various repair options that may be available.

Restoration Project Manual

Information obtained during the condition survey phase is utilized to create a restoration project manual. The project manual may include bidder instruction, repair designs, repair drawings, repair specifications, scope of work, bid tabulation sheet, and general conditions. Bid items are defined as either lump sum or as unit rate items to allow for a competitive bid process which yields “apples to apples” bids from contractors. Optional bid items as directed by the owner are included in the manual to provide actual bid numbers to potential decisions.

Bidding And Negotiations

The restoration project manual is provided to licensed general contractors to obtain completive bids for the restoration project. The results of the bidding process are reviewed with the owner and recommendations are made to assist the owner in their decision.

Construction Administration

As restoration of existing structures or portions thereof is an ever changing process, Elevated Engineering will assist in Construction Administration services as requested. Construction Administration services may include: Construction observations, submittal review, meetings with the owner and contractor, contractor pay request review, progress reports, repair quantity tracking, modified repair designs as conditions change during the project and close out document review.

  • Condition Survey Of Structures
  • Restoration Project Manual
  • Bidding And Negotiations
  • Construction Administration